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Pixelhobby pictures are created using small squares called pixels (which are about 2.5mm square) by placing them onto a hard clear plastic baseplate.

The full range of pixel colours comprises 314 different shades ensuring a good colour match and resolution.

Each pixelsquare holds 144 individual 2.5mm pixels.  

These smaller kits are a great way to begin to explore the endless possibilities that this craft has to offer.

All the kits use either a keyring baseplate, small baseplate (about 61mm square) or a combination of the two. They are prepackaged with a selection of primary coloured pixels and a range of basic patterns.

Pixelhobby is a very addictive craft where truely anything can be created into a stunning work of art...

The standard baseplate is about 127mm by 102mm but multiple plates can be connected together to form larger pictures. How big you go is up to you!

We offer a selection of prepackaged kits using just 1 baseplate right up to kits that have 90 plates.

Larger Kits

Want to create something totally original? Have you got a favourite digital photo? Not a problem.

Using the Pixelhobby software, we can convert it into a prepackaged kit to match any budget.

A software "lite" edition can also be downloaded so you can take control of this process directly for your customers if you wish.

Bespoke Kits


Baseplates, Frames & Accessories

For younger children, we can supply the XL range of Pixelhobby.

This range of pixels and kits uses the same baseplates but the individual pixels are four times as big (approx 5mm square) making them far easier to handle and position.

The kits include simple patterns and generally less colours.

The colour range covers 30 key colours.

Each XL pixelsquare holds 60 individual 5mm pixels.


Baseplates are available separately.

Helpful accessories such as tweezers make completing larger projects far easier.

A variety of frames to work perfectly in conjunction with the standard baseplates.

Practical storage tins to help keep a project organised.

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Bespoke Kits

Baseplates, Frames

& Accessories

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